Wacky Root Veggies

Have you ever seen these two culprits? One looks like parsnip’s dirty cousin and the other  like a knobbly rutabaga. Well the dirty cousin at the bottom of the picture is parsley root and the knobbly one up top is celeriac and if you’ve avoided buying them because you don’t know what the heck to do with them, well, we’re going to fix that today.

Celeriac’s got a bit of a reputation thanks to Suzanne Somers, who touts it in her many diet books as an alternative to the evil potato. Unlike most root vegetables these two are fairly low in carbs. Unsure how to tackle that bulbous, lumpy root? Learn how to peel celeriac here.

You can cook up celeriac, aka celery root,  just like a potato and serve it mashed or pureed, same with the parsley root. I prefer both to be mashed with a bit of potato though, it makes for a nicer texture.

Both are wonderful roasted and will breathe new life into your lame roasted carrots and parsnips.

Your family/roommates/life partner will freak out over the new and exciting flavours.

Have you ever made a gratin? It’s so simple, just like scalloped potatoes but sexier because it allows you to use a slight French accent when you describe what’s for dinner.

Here’s a recipe from the Los Angeles Times for a gratin that will showcase the parsley root and celeriac beautifully. It only calls for celery root but use half the amount and make up for it with parsley root. An excellent dish on it’s own served with salad, or as a side with a ham or pot roast.

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