orange chrysanthemum in bloom

Joyous orange chrysanthemums do warm colours with style.

Everywhere in neighbourhood shops now you’ll see pots and pots of these cheerful fall flowers spilling out onto the sidewalk. They are a sign of fall, and if you have them growing in your garden they make a fantastic and long lasting cut flower. I’ve brought bouquets in from the garden well into November from chrysanthemum plants.

orange mum flowers

Some chrysanthemums have a fresh scent too. Some aren’t crazy about the smell of the leaves, but I happen to like it.

Chrysanthemums grown in a decorative container won’t survive winter, unless you take it from the container and plant it in the ground well before frost.  Even in the ground, the reason many fall purchased chrysanthemums don’t survive the winters is that they haven’t had a chance to build up a good root system to survive.

They are adaptable though. I have even had success with small chrysanthemums pots purchased in the winter. I’ve put them in a sunny window and planted them out in the spring. I have a huge clump about to come into flower now that I started just that way.

New “Igloo” Series Chrysanthemums are Particularly Hardy

Igloo series is actually a new, mum-like perennial with a long bloom into the fall. It is part of the Dendranthema plant group, which looks like a chrysanthemum yet is a very hardy. Planting “Igloos” in the ground now assures its return next year. The “Igloo” Series is available at Fiesta Gardens now in five colours and three sizes. Get your garden ready with its fall colours. You’ll be enjoying it for years to come.

Photos: Helen Battersby

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