Brunch Survey

There is no place in the world like this city we live in, no place so outrageously passionate about a meal eaten only on the weekends.

We’re maniacal about brunch.

We want excessive amounts of various drinks brought to us the second we sit down. We want our food in front of us two seconds after we order it. The most popular meal of the week has us in tears if we have to wait for a table or a refill on our coffees. It’s a highly emotional time for customers, cooks and servers alike yet we jump into the fray week after week hoping to get through it unscathed.

There are certain dishes and drinks that have become de rigeur on the brunch menu – eggs benedict and caesars are a must. We wanted to see what makes brunch special for you, how do you like your eggs? Do you order orange juice or cranberry?

Well, the results are in and we certainly were surprised with some of them!

make mine a spicy caesar with lots of Clamato!

Let’s start with something to drink shall we? 47.1% of you order coffee, while 29.4% go for tea. In third place we had a three-way tie! Grapefruit juice, caesar and mimosa all got 23.5% of the votes. Orange juice, at 17.6%, didn’t even make it to the top three while poor little cranberry juice came in last with 6.7%.

Now what what would you like to eat? Not everyone likes eggs and we see that in the voting. In third place we have burger & fries tied with pancakes. Next up is huevos rancheros, the perfect dish to go with your spicy caesar. The winner……you guessed right in our twitter quiz Alison Zimmer – eggs benedict!

could I have a side of tulips with my eggs benny?

For those of you who like eggs, how do you order them? Tied for first place – scrambled and over easy both got 23.5%, another tie at second place between over hard and sunny side up with 17.6% each. Surprisingly, since so many of you voted for eggs benedict, poached came in last with only 5.9%!

What makes brunch great for you?

“Properly cooked eggs”

“A large variety of breads to choose from, with choices like marble rye or sourdough”

“Fast, fast, super fast service!”

“Sunny patio and good friends”

Now we come to the most important question of the entire survey. Where are the best places in this brunch-crazy city to enjoy brunch at?

Well, happily, we have no shortage of recommendations.  Here are your favourites:

Cowbell, Aunties & Uncles, Marben (they do brunch on Monday – bonus!), Beast, Yasi’s, the Drake, Saving Grace, Harlem Underground, Calico Cafe, the Hoof Cafe, Petite Dejeuner and the Royal York.

Now, armed with all this information, you are ready to hit the streets this weekend in search of the best brunch Toronto has to offer. If you want to know where to get the best caesar to go with your eggs benedict check out Kristina Groeger’s “Great Canadian Caesar Chase“. If you want to know how I really feel about brunch you can read about it here.

Please remember to tip your server.

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