Be Cheered by Crocuses Early Next Spring

violet crocus on black background

The delicate beauty of crocus lifts the spirits by signifying the end of winter.

In March I could almost fall into the bowls of crocus flowers, I am so happy to see their cheerful cups standing up above the soil. They are tough little bulbs,  but their flowers are so delicate and seem to glow from within. Crocuses, and early spring bloomers— unlike tulips—usually increase in the garden over the years, especially the species crocuses, so it’s worth planting them as they have a big payoff. But the real thrill is simply seeing those early blooms after a long, cold Canadian winter.

Fiesta Gardens has other early blooming bulbs available now as well: Chionodoxa – Glory of the Snow, Eranthis – Winter Aconite, Galanthus – Snowdrops, and Blue Scilla.

Planting bulbs gives you an enormous reward in spring, so get planting!

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