Brown Leaves & Green Tips

Nothing signals end of winter like daffodils pushing through leaves in March.

The bulbs you plant this month and next, and yes, even into November will greet you this way in March & April. And after a cold, snowy Canadian winter, isn’t it a wonderful sight to see these live green tips pushing through the leaves?

You did remember to save your leaves, didn’t you? If you are lucky to have a tree that gives you this free, soil-building mulch don’t bag it up for the city to haul off. Spread it around your garden and let the worms and other soil creatures do their thing, by adding organic matter to your soil. And if you don’t have a leaf-dropping tree, grab a bag or two from what your neighbour is giving away on leaf collection day.

Chopped leaves decompose and help your garden out even more quickly. You can chop leaves to give the worms a helping hand in three ways:

1. Add leaves to about a third of the way up in a garbage bin and run a weed whipper inside to chop up leaves.

2. Put leaf pile on lawn and run lawnmower through it.

3. Buy an electric leaf shredder. Small, and perfect for city gardens, they can be had for about two hundred dollars and they are well worth it.

By the way, daffodils are better planted sooner than later, so don’t wait till November to plant those.

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