Food Matters’ Mark Bittman Visits Fiesta Farms (and Toronto)

New York Times writer and prolific cookbook author Mark Bittman was in Toronto this week promoting his Food Matters Cookbook. Bittman makes a great case for reducing our consumption of meat and junk and tipping the scales in favour of a plant based diet.

His new cookbook offers up an amazing array of options that help make the transition to eating less meat easy and frankly delicious.  If you haven’t seen Bittman’s TED Talk on What’s Wrong With What We Eat, I highly recommend checking it out for a compelling case on why less meat is good for people, and the environment.

When Bittman was at The Stop’s Wychwood barns for his book launch, we took a moment to ask him what he thought about his visit to Fiesta Farms. Check out his answer, and some snippets from his interview with CBC’s Matt Galloway here:

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