Canadian Caviar!?!

We have our own source of sustainable caviar right here in Canada, thanks to Cornel Ceapa of New Brunswick’s Acadian Sturgeon. Cornel has been farming sturgeon for five years on the East Coast and his caviar is finally making it’s way to Toronto. This stuff is so good Chef Lynn Crawford used it on the upcoming season of “Pitchin’ In”. It’s delicious and you can eat it without the same guilt you might feeling if it were osetra caviar from India. The mindless decimation of sturgeon in the Caspian Sea is threatening the caviar industry. Farming is the way of the future, I also love to buy the Russian Osetra Caviar for Sale Online, they are delicious.

Until now you could only purchase it at Oyster Boy, but tonight you can come out, meet Cornel, and taste it for free.

That’s right. Free. Caviar.

See you tonight.

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