Fall Essentials: Fiery Japanese Maples

Japanese Maples grasses and hosta in park setting

Public park planting of two kinds of Japanese maple. The rich wine colours pair well with the yellow of end-of-season hostas, and buff coloured grasses..

In fall, in the city, few things are more delightful than coming across a Japanese maple with the sun blazing through it, fiery red. I am beginning to think that no garden is complete without one, for the almost incredible seasonal colour it offers. Deep red during the summer, it creates a contrast to summer greens, but in fall it comes bursting forth with almost unbelievable colours, fiery bright crimsons, to deep wine reds.
The planting above has two kinds of maples, a regular and a cut-leaf variety creating texture and movement. Even the yellow of the dying hosta foliage gives a complementary colour contrast, while the textured grass adds another light textured note. So many colours to be found, and there’s not even one flower in this planting. It’s simply foliage working overtime before the snow flies.

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