Free Building Materials: Twigs & Branches

Children's Playhouse made from branches and twigs

Evergreen brickworks highlight is this twig and branch playhouse that kids love.

I absolutely love this little ranchers playhouse that was built at the Evergreen Brickworks out of natural materials laying around the place: twigs and branches. It’s got a hobbit house feel. Not a scrap of pink plastic in it anywhere. The kids were absolutely loving it—inside was dark and cozy and mysterious—and it was child-size only. (I did peek in, and wished I was little and three feet tall so I could go all the way in and have fun!)

You can’t get much more sustainable than “using things that fell off a tree”. Although I notice someone recycled an old canoe paddle in there too. It always warms my heart to see things re-used, or when you see someone basically make something from nothing—or what many might think is nothing. These kids are testament to the synergistic magic of creative use of old things lying around. Kind of like the Evergreen Brickworks itself, come to think of it.

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