Mark Bittman Visits Our Store

It was a real honour to have Mr. Bittman come by the store, not only is he an acclaimed James Beard Award-winning cookbook author, New York Times columnist, regular guest on the Today show, and a good food activist – he’s also a vegan. We’re really impressed by that because most of the big names in food are omnivores, it is refreshing to find someone who advocates for more of a veggie-centric lifestyle.

Actually he’s not a full-time vegan,  he’s vegan by day and when the sun goes down he can eat whatever he wants for dinner. Sounds do-able right? At least easier to attempt than full-on veganism and the kind of diet it would do us all a world of good to try and adopt.

A native New Yorker, he was surprised by some of the items we consider normal for Canadian grocery stores, click here to watch the video.Jessica Allen interviewed him for MacLean’s where he lays out his simple equation for healthy eating, “less meat, less junk, more fruits, vegetables and whole grains.” Read the whole article here.

Bittman was in town to promote his latest tome, “The Food Matters Cookbook”, where he doles out more advice for a healthy diet, “I’m not a big fan of generalizations or rules, but here’s an exception: If you want to eat well, you should eat at least one salad every day or nearly every day. There’s no excuse not to: Of all categories of dishes, salads are the easiest to improvise, the fastest to make and the one with the most options.”

What excuse do you have? Get in the kitchen and whip up a salad already!

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