Have You Hugged Your Macaroni Today?

Pasta is such a staple that we often take it for granted and we think it’s time to show a little love to the old spaghetti and meatballs. You have unlimited opportunities when you look at all the different shapes of pasta.

There’s macaroni, perfect for a gooey cheese sauce, penne with puttanesca sauce studded with olives and garlic, linguine in a garlic-kissed cream sauce tossed with a few cherrystone clams. How about more exotic shapes like the beautiful campanelle? The word campanelle is Italian for “bell” and this shape of pasta is perfect with a thick sauce. Think spicy sausage and chunky tomatoes. What about cavaturi, bucatini, or tagliarini pasta? What shape are they and what sauce goes with them? Here’s a great guide to every pasta shape imagineable with a sauce recommendation for each one.

Having trouble deciding? Why not try this recipe from Chef Gabrielle Hamilton featured in this month’s issue of Saveur? Brown butter, pignoli and tagliatelli, simple and perfect topped with a fried egg.

Now you’ve got your pasta and you know what sauce should go with it. Time to start cooking but don’t you dare get that sauce from a can!

Make your own, it’s so simple and quick. Watch this video where Bob Blumer whips up a beautiful plate of pasta in 3 minutes flat!  Now that you see how easy homemade sauce can be how about trying something a bit more challenging? Homemade pasta will beat any dried version hands down, and all you need is an egg and some flour. Check out this quick video lesson on how to make your own.

Fresh, homemade pasta with a perfectly matched sauce made from scratch, just one bit and you’ll never take spaghetti and meatballs for granted again.

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