Sandwich of the Month – Tofurkey

Every month we will profile a new and amazing sandwich and we’d love to hear from you. Send us pics of your best for a chance to be featured as our Sandwich of the Month.

Peppered Tofurkey on Ace Whole Wheat with Avocado & Sprouts. This sandwich is delicious. Don’t let it’s veggie fillings scare you off.

Spicy brown mustard and some Hellman’s are the base condiments. On top of these layer some Peppered Tofurkey, aged cheddar and sliced avocado. Finely sliced red onion rings and alfalfa sprouts finish it off, close it up and slice in half. Serve with a handful of Smart Food and an A&W Root Beer.

Let’s talk about Tofurkey for a minute. This is not health food just because it’s vegetarian. It has lots of sodium and very little good stuff in it. So why use it? It tastes better than a factory-farmed turkey loaf or slice of gelatinous cooked ham and nothing had to suffer or die to make it.

It may not be the breakfast of champions but it is definitely the luncheon of hipsters. Dig in.

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