Sandwich of the Month – the Clubhouse

Every month we will pro­file a new and amaz­ing sand­wich and we’d love to hear from you. Send us pics of your best for a chance to be fea­tured as our Sandwich of the Month.

The clubhouse is the king of sandwiches and to make the perfect club you need all the components to be top notch, the lettuce, chicken, bacon, tomato, bread and mayo. The only problem is that tomatoes are not always great, especially in the colder months. Well, we’ve discovered how to make the most perfect clubhouse of all time, even in frosty November.
Green tomatoes are the answer. An unripe tomato from a greenhouse grower is a wonderful thing, you can use them to make delicious fried green tomatoes or preserve them in chow chow. We don’t often think of eating them as is, like a regular tomato, but we really should.

They are so crisp and fresh tasting we decided to put them in our clubhouse. Along with some thick bacon, iceberg lettuce and homemade aioli this was shaping up to be the greatest club ever. But what about the bread?

Diners use plain white sandwich bread and that will do just fine, but we just happened to have some rosemary foccaccia from Ace and it did the job so well that we’ll never go back to white bread again.

Now please enjoy this video by the late, great comedian – Mitch Hedberg, about how the club sandwich was invented. Warning there is one swear word used!

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