A Taste of Endless Summer: Amaryllis

Amaryllis bulb in full bloom

Amaryllis “Minerva” showcases the knockout blooms of this easy to grow flower bulb.

Lucky us. November has been blissfully warm (ish) and snow-free, with some spectacular sunny afternoons. This reprieve from winter’s lash is fine by me. Especially since I’ve been a little procrastinat-y about the leaf raking. (How annoying is it to shovel snow when you’ve got a layer of dead leaves underneath it?)

A fool-proof way to bring summer into winter is to have growing things indoors over the dark months. Amaryllis bulbs are one of the easiest ways to do this. Even beginner gardeners can grow these super easy indoor bulbs. And when it’s snowing outside,  the bright, colourful floral extravaganza of Amaryllis reminds you that it’s summer…somewhere. The common large flowered variety have stunning blooms that last for a couple of weeks, and come in reds, pinks and white. Considering how exotic they look, it’s amazing how easy they are to grow.

* Plant bulb in potting mix with one third of the bulb above soil.

* Water and place in bright light, not direct sunlight

If you buy a kit, I recommend that you use a heavier pot than the one the kits include, as the flowers can be top heavy.

Buying a couple of bulbs and planting them two weeks apart will give you a longer blooming season. Best thing is you can summer the bulbs outside and bring them in for another bloom next year.

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