The Scent & Beauty of Evergreens

This time of year I get bough-crazy. Evergreen boughs that is. I love the look of them and the smell of them, and decorating the inside and outside of my place with evergreen is a must.

Bringing in the green stuff goes way back, from ancient times in Europe, when Norse pagans brought indoors the plants that stayed magically green in the cold dark winter. A little history here.

Plants and trees such as mistletoe, holly and evergreen, unlike the … Oak tree, were believed to have some special power against the darker magics of winter because they were the only plants that stayed green throughout the year.

Walking into Fiesta Gardens this week I was carried aloft by the wonderful fragrance of fresh evergreens. The huge array of boughs, wreaths, planters and branches is astounding. From brightly coloured dogwood branches, to boughs of spruce and pine and cedar you will find a ton of inspiration for greening your home for winter.

Reminiscent of imagery from the film The Nightmare Before Christmas, an enormous glass ball hanging on the end of a drooping branch. Fun. 

Dogwood & curly willow. Curly willow will often take root in a planter, giving you a free tree for next year.

One of the best things about having a display of evergreens or colourful branches outside your window is how enchanting they look after the first snowfall. When it comes to winter magic, snow on a patio chair just doesn’t quite cut it.

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