Watch a Garden Grow

This time lapse video of garden creation shows a full year of transformation. A concrete pool is covered over to make several circular garden beds with walkways between, Forest Garden style. A Forest Garden is a type of permaculture, which is completely self sustainable. The trees in this garden have a way to go before they approach forest proportions, but it’s producing other things beautifully.

Note the use of newspapers to line the earth where the pathways were put in. Here they were used as a weed barrier to keep the paths free.

Newspapers are also a great resource for killing an existing lawn. You can get a new piece of garden started for next year by using thick layers of them now—or cardboard—held down with branches, rocks or bricks.

If you want to get rid of a lawn for vegetables and flowers, you don’t have to do it all at once, even reclaiming a small section of lawn each year can give you some productive growing space for growing your own food. And smothering grass is a lot easier than digging it up!

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