For the Man/Woman/Child Who Has Everything

December is here and it looks like the North Pole just exploded all over the city. Red and green ribbons, silver bells, pine boughs, spray snow and Christmas carols. You have to get gifts for so many people, even people you might not like or barely know. It is a crazy time of year so this post is to help you navigate the shopping malls, dollar stores and luxe boutiques a bit more easily. With the help of some of our favourite bloggers and food websites we present the Fiesta Farms gift guide for The Blank Who Has Everything.

Food is always a good gift, a basket of preserves, crackers and cheese is infinitely more desirable than a basket of lavender soaps and bubble bath. Those bath baskets are one of the worst gifts you can give a woman, unless she happens to be in desperate need of something to hold all the dust in her house.

This is the best food gift we have ever heard of, thanks to Jamie Drummond for sniffing it out.

Taste No 5 Umami Paste – $5 (exclusively from Holt Renfrew)
“Upon first seeing this tube of Umami Paste I immediately thought “What a load of hocus pocus nonsense!”… however after some serious kitchen experimentation with this interesting product (adding it to a chicken stew and then a lamb casserole) I decided it to be THE gift of the season… and an utter steal at $5 a pop.” – Jamie Drummond via

From Bobette & Belle’s macarons to Xococava chocolates, Shawn Rusich recommends some very fine food gifts on the blog, It All Starts With Butter. His best recommendation though? A copy of two indispensable books, “Billy’s Best Bottles” wine guide and a “Great Canadian Cheese’ guide.

Those crazy hippies at suggest a solar oven as the ideal foodie gift.

“The sun is great for lots of things, including cooking dinner. Not yet mainstream, solar cookers have come a long way from the DIY variety that look like a minor league satellite dish. Two models available in the U.S. from Eartheasy, the Global Sun Oven and the Tulsi Hybrid Solar Oven, which has an electric back-up in case the clouds roll in before cooking is complete, will save money and emissions from cooking fuel while cooking anything you would put in your regular oven.” –

Food & Wine magazine has a number of gift guides, from gifts under $20 to gifts over $100 and everything in-between. In the over $100 category they suggest a sous vide water oven or an industrial meat grinder. While in the under $20 you could wow your loved ones with a teak ice cream scoop, a miniature cast iron skillet or some shape-shifting skewers.

These are just a few ideas we’ve found, and we hoped they’ve helped to inspire you in your gift-giving this year. If they didn’t help however, we have one more great gift idea up our sleeves…

Crazy Cat Lady! Who wouldn’t love to have this one of a kind sculpture in their home?

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