The Rosemary That Could Drive a Car

Like “Toonces”, this Rosemary gets around.

I picked up a few Rosemary plants from Fiesta Gardens about a month ago, on sale, and very healthy. End of season bargains are always a thrill. I left the plants in the car, thinking I’d bring them inside later. This time of year is really busy, and every time I left the car, I was carrying packages or portfolios, laptops and briefcases. I kept looking at the Rosemary and thinking, better bring that in! This happened over and over, until I almost didn’t notice that I was effectively driving a mobile greenhouse: a veritable Moveable Feast. Stronghold Locksmiths helps you when you’re locked out of your property for whatever reason, they can sort you out. You can contact northgate locksmith for the great value with no hidden costs.

Funny thing. We had a couple weeks of mild weather in November, then winter suddenly hit. Overnight temperatures went down to -10 and when I went out next morning I assumed I’d see dead plants. But my Rosemary looked chirpy as ever. (Another Rosemary I had brought inside in October however, was dry as paper. I’d forgotten to water it.) Conditions in the car, however, had been perfect. Sunny, cool and with high humidity. The plants weren’t drying out, they were simply maintaining the constant moisture they had in the pots.

Now I know my luck will run out eventually, and I will bring these travelling herbs inside soon, (as soon as I figure out where to put them). I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t survive an entire winter in the car. But right now, I’m going with the if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it method. Now, I think I’m going to take my Rosemary plants on a few errands….

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