Give A Little Bit

How much are you thinking about food right now? What ingredients to put in the turkey stuffing? How many yams to buy for the your famous sweet potato pie? Who should be put on gravy duty?

When you grocery shop you’re exercising what is to many people in this world a privilege. To be able to choose a tub of vanilla ice cream over the butterscotch ripple or the organic cereal over the sugary one. Some parents don’t get to choose what to feed their kids, much less themselves. When you get your groceries at a food bank you have to take what you’re given. As the Toronto Star showed in their coverage of the Stop’s Do The Math campaign last year, what you’re given is never enough.

When the holidays come around all we think about is food, the big turkey dinner, the New Year’s Day brunch. It’s a pleasure to think about the menu and plan all the lovely things you’re going to make and eat and drink. What a horror it would be to have no choice, to have no say in how the dinner was presented or what was included in it. Keep that in mind as you write your grocery lists and polish the stemware.

We’re putting a donation box in the store to help the Stop gather food for it’s food bank. There are some things they need more than others, so when you’re shopping throw a few extra tins of tuna, or jars of applesauce in your cart for a family in need. For a complete list check out the poster here

STOP Food Drive

And thank you. Every little bit helps.

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