Mincemeat – Where’s the Beef?

Mincemeat became associated with the holidays during the Victorian era in England, the mixture of dried fruit and beef suet is spiced with clove, cinnamon and allspice then mixed with booze to preserve it. It can be stored for up to ten years like this.

Most commercial mincemeat no longer contains beef suet, or any meat product for that matter, but Ye Olde Style Mincemeat by Lynch does. This product is as close to the Victorian version as you’re likely to find in a grocery store and the company has been making it for over sixty years.

Today is Christmas Eve, if you haven’t finished all the shopping and wrapping and turkey-stuffing and garland festooning yet then you are a frantic, spazzed out mess. Let us help you. You’ve got your hands full trying to stuff that turkey, have you even thought about dessert? The easiest Christmas dessert you can make is a mincemeat tart, especially if you do it our way. 

Here’s the recipe, follow it very closely…

Buy a jar of Lynch’s Ye Olde Style Mincemeat

Buy a few packages of frozen mini tart shells.

Spoon mincemeat into shells, bake.

Serve with a big snifter of brandy.


Merry Christmas!

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