Sandwich of the Month – Avocado, Hummus & Treviso

Every month we will profile a new and amazing sandwich and we’d love to hear from you. Send us pics of your best for a chance to be featured as our Sandwich of the Month.

Put down that turkey leg and walk away from the box of chocolates….For December we’re featuring a recipe created as an antidote to all that Christmas over-indulgence. This sandwich is vegan baby!

First off you’ll need some hummus, you can make your own or use a pre-made brand like Sunflower Kitchens, their Roasted Garlic & Onion Hummus is not only kosher, it’s amazing. The chickpea and tahini spread will be the mayonnaise, raw zuchinni and red peppers will be the meat and avocado will be the cheese. Use multigrain bread to keep the texture interesting.

Remember texture when creating a sandwich.

Think about hummus and soft, creamy avocado on white bread…the texture would be mushy, a strong multigrain will balance the soft fillings much better than a wimpy white.

So you spread hummus on the bread, add sliced raw zucchini, red peppers and ripe avocado. Now you need to add some zing or this is just going to be another bland hippy dippy creation that will drive you straight into the arms of a meatball sub with extra cheese.

Radicchio rosso or treviso (as it is sometimes called, being that it is the official vegetable of Treviso, Italy) is from the chicory family, if an endive married a radicchio, treviso would be their baby. This salad green is crunchy and slightly bitter, the perfect foil for that soft avocado and mild zucchini. Chop up some treviso and sprinkle it on top of you sandwich. Now for the final touch, to bring each ingredient together in perfect harmony – fresh lemon juice. A quick squeeze of lemon will bring the zing, resulting in a sandwich you’ll take pictures of and keep in your wallet to show off to co-workers and random people on the street.

Thanks to Tammy Hurlburt for sharing this recipe, post your ideas for next month’s sandwich on our facebook page or send them to us on twitter.

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