Life is What Happens…

…When You’re Busy Making other plans. This saying, popularized by John Lennon in his song, Beautiful Boy came true with a vengeance for east coast people this week. The day after Christmas, they got hit with the Blizzard of 2010 or Snowpocalypse. The beautiful video above shows people caught in the storm, pushing cars, trudging through drifts, and snow settling around the city of New York. People were stranded in airports and cars. Holiday plans got waylaid.

We didn’t get the snow dump in Toronto, but I had my own surprising turn this week. I was having a pleasant walk with the dog, (with plans to madly Christmas shop later) and—in a split second—life gave me a major detour: a slip and a broken ankle.

Detours can have benefits. A massive snowfall makes us interact with our fellow city dwellers. Strangers offer help if our car is stuck. We’re shoveling the walk and we talk to neighbours we haven’t seen since fall turned to winter. In my case, a complete stranger helped me up and let me lean on her for a 20 minute hobble out of the dog park. That’s just amazing.

Detours like my broken ankle offer a creative challenge. I put a red, plastic Ikea office chair to new use and am now managing to navigate my kitchen. Now I am trying to figure out a way to soup up my chair. Streamers perhaps?

In the garden we get these kinds of detours all the time. We never know what the weather is going to serve up, what critters are going to dig up or chew our plants or produce. A friend just told me about a twig and chicken wire system she used to keep the raccoons off her balcony. Knowing this friend, she did it in a way that looked beautiful as well as practical.

Life can be a little bit crazy and a lot unpredictable. But it is often interesting, and provides a creative workout, if you’re lucky.

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