Snowfall & Free Mulch

It’s hard to be a winter hater when a snow fall does this.

If it’s January, there’s gonna be snow. Today’s light snowfall brought light and freshness into the city’s greys and browns. Light snows often perk spirits up, especially those of children, dogs and gardeners. (Love to hear those happy noises coming through my window) Even an ardent winter hater might admit to being oddly uplifted when fat white snowflakes fall slowly around them.

If you don’t have a foot of it to shovel, it’s easier to enjoy. On the plus side, snow is precipitation. If it melts, the garden is watered. If it sticks around, it acts as an insulating mulch, saving perennial crowns from wind and super-freezing temperatures.

Laying branches on your garden now will help keep snow from blowing away. With constant snow cover, soil will stay frozen till Spring, which is perfect for plant survival. It’s the freeze-thaw cycle that kills. You can use any twiggy branches, but evergreen branches from tossed Christmas trees are ideal and those will soon be thick on the ground.  Grab a tree from your neighbours lawn, snip off side branches, and give your garden a cozy natural blanket, for free.

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