Vacation Time? 10 Steps to Keep Plants Alive

Pothos is a classic easy-care houseplant, fairly tolerant of neglect.

Lucky you, you’re off to the south seas for a week and saying goodbye to the snow. You’ve got someone to feed the cat, but what about your houseplants? In my experience, cat-sitters aren’t always the best plant-sitters. Here’s ten steps to keep your houseplants alive when you are away.

1. Collect as many large clear plastic bags as you can find.

2. Keep plants in brightly lit area but out of areas where they would get several hours of full, hot sun. A little sun is okay.

3. Get a pile of smallish rubber bands.

4. Water plant well until water comes through saucer. You do have good, deep saucers, I hope.

5. Leave plant for about half an hour to let soil absorb some of the runoff, so rootball is completely moist.

6. Dump out any remaining water.

7. Open plastic bag and place plant in bottom, with its saucer.

8. Gather up top edge of plastic bag and put rubber band around it, not too tight.

9. Rubber band opening can now we opened slightly, just enough to blow some air into the bag, like you are filling up a balloon.

10. When bag is full of air, wrap rubber band around again until it is tight.

Now, take your suitcase and your plane ticket and have a great vacation. Let me know if you have any other methods that have worked for you.

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