Countdown to Spring

“O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?”  ~Percy Bysshe Shelley

In terms of timing, we’ve got four months to go before we can plant tender plants in the ground outdoors. But while we are counting down it’s good to know that in the middle of winter when everything looks like this…

A heavy snow blanket weighs down evergreens.

It’s time to start thinking about this…

Home sown seedlings growing in peat pots.

If you have sunny windowsills that face south, with sun for several hours a day, you can probably start a few seeds. Save basil and tomato seeds for closer to the warm weather—it’s way too early for them—but snapdragons and many perennials can be started now.

Even if you don’t start seeds in January, it’s time to send away for seed catalogues so you can plan your garden for next year. You can sow in February, March and April, depending on the plants you choose. Try these Canadian suppliers of seeds to get ideas and inspiration. There’s nothing like being indoors dreaming over your seed catalogues while snow is falling outside.

Stokes Seeds – All purpose seeds supplier, flower and vegetable. Their catalogue has extensive growing information.

Terra Edibles – Heirloom vegetables, with tomatoes as a specialty. They also carry heirloom sweet peas which are the most fragrant of all. Cute small-format catalogue and great service.

William Dam Seeds – Flowers and vegetables.

Richters Herbs – Huge selection of herbs, common and rare. Fantastic catalogue with great information about herbs.

Wildflower Farm – Wildflower seeds and Eco-Lawn grass seed

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