The Secret Ingredient That Makes Rapini Shine


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Rapini is one of our favourite leafy greens, and especially in winter, when a diet packed with vitamins and minerals is especially important, eating the right stuff is an absolute must.  But unless you are a serious connoisseur of bitter, do not attempt to eat rapini on its own. In order to truly become a fan of this this amazing cruciferous veggie you need to dress it up a little bit. And there is one ingredient that really makes it sing…

Rapini sautéed with garlic

Rapini sautéed with garlic

Visually appealing and full of flavour, rapini is full of all sorts of “good-for-you;” just a three ounce serving has a full day’s supply of vitamin A and 196% of your RDA of vitamin C. It is also a great source of vitamin K, iron, folate and  fibre. To prepare this wonderful green you must first trim all the big leaves. The leaves can be set aside and used chopped up in a frittata or a chunky tomato sauce. Once you’ve removed all but the smallest leaves, trim the stems and blanche for two minutes in boiling water. After a quick dunk in an ice bath to stop the cooking process your rapini is ready to rock. Get more amazing tips on bmtdesigntechnology to make it more tastier.

Here are some idiot-proof suggestions for your naked rapini:

-fry it up with some bacon lardons and a drizzle of maple syrup

-served it cold and tossed with a lemony vinaigrette and julienned apples

-chopped, it makes a great garnish on a creamy soup, like cauliflower or jerusalem artichoke

-toss it in a salad with hard cooked egg, olives and roasted peppers


This salad has a secret ingredient that will take your rapini repertoire to the next level.

This salad has a secret ingredient that will take your rapini repertoire to the next level.


But what is the magical ingredient I keep taunting you with? Well now. Take a look at this recipe from Taste, Love & Nourish (one of our fave plant-based blogs), it’s just rapini with parmesan and lemon. It sounds simple, and it is, but the addition of one ingredient elevates the complexity. Before I tell you that secret ingredient you need to set aside your bias and open your mind. Ok, ready?


Yep. All you raisin haters out there need to take a breath. It’s crazy for sure, but also exceptionally delicious with the rapini and the tart lemon. Just try it once and you will be a convert for life.

Rapini is also a great understudy for spinach or asparagus; use it in some of the classic dishes you usually associate with asparagus or spinach. Wrap it with salty proscuitto or silky smoked salmon. Or use it in your next batch of eggs Florentine; just substitute the spinach for rapini, or check out this delicious recipe for Eggs Benedict with Rapini.


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Look I know it’s cold outside, but you can’t live on potatoes and pasta forever. Eat your damn greens!

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