Get Prepped

Don’t let this happen to you!

The worst feeling in the world happens as you walk through the door after a long day, starving and filled with dread because there’s nothing to eat. Rather than succumb to crappy take-out junk food, get prepped up this weekend and fill your fridge with lots to eat for the week ahead.

Buy a bunch of root vegetables and roast them off. Roast carrots, beets, parsnips and potatoes can be stored in the fridge and reheated as a side at dinner or pureed with some stock and a little cream for a soup at lunch.

Make a mason jar of vinaigrette and use it for the week. A simple lemon vinaigrette can be used to whip up a quick salad of fresh greens, or to dress some of those roasted beets before topping with blue cheese. If you have a tasty, homemade vinaigrette already made you’re more likely to take the extra step and make a salad with dinner.

Cook brown rice and quinoa and store in the fridge, as long as you have fresh veggies like radishes, avocado and cucumber on hand, you have the makings of a rice bowl. Chop some veggies and toss with oil and vinegar, then warm the rice and quinoa. Put veggies on top of rice, add a garnish of plain yogurt and sunflower seeds and you’ve got a super healthy and filling lunch.

Hard boil some eggs and use as a garnish on salads, in rice bowls or for egg salad sandwiches.

Make some dips, hummus is so simple, just puree chickpeas with tahini paste, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and salt & pepper. Drain a can of white beans and puree with smoked whitefish, chopped almonds and scallion for a delicious white bean dip. Check this site for 35 different dip recipes. Make sure you have some pita and nacho chips on hand for dipping. Also, stock up on olives and pickles to serve alongside.

A batch of bolognese sauce can be used one night for spaghetti and the next day for lunch in sloppy joes. A big pot roast is perfect for Sunday dinner and will give you leftovers to use in a stew, stirfries or hash later in the week. If you’re making a chicken for Sunday dinner, why not make two and use one for chicken caesar salad or chicken salad sandwiches during the busy days ahead.

A strata is another easily thrown together supper, just make sure you have bread, veggies, ham, cheese, half & half and eggs on hand. Basically you just make a bread pudding layered with ham, cheese and red pepper or tomatoes, spinach or chard. Goes together in minutes and cooks up like a dream.

Spend a few hours in the kitchen this weekend prepping for the week ahead and you’ll never get that terrible feeling again.

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