Sandwich of the Month – Sausage Ciabatta

This month we have an incredible gourmet sandwich that will fit right in at a Super Bowl party. Instead of a menu inspired by convenience store provisions let some Italian influence into your kitchen.

This year skip the Sloppy Joes and 7-Layer Dip and bust out some incredible Italian flavours that go just as well, if not better, with beer and American football.

An olive ciabatta gets sliced lengthwise and toasted in the oven before we rub half a clove of raw garlic over it, infusing the crusty bread with it’s aroma. Next mix a little mayo with some sriracha chili sauce, make it as hot or as mild as you want, a little of this stuff goes a long way so take it easy!

Now for the beautiful Italian hard cheese, move over parmesan and stop hogging the spotlight, it’s time for a little sheep’s milk cheese to shine. Pecorino Romano has been around for 2000 years, it’s a salty piquant cheese that’s good for grating over pasta but even better when shaved over this sandwich. Using a vegetable peeler peel a few shavings of pecorino and top with some baby spinach.

Spinach?!?! This is the Super Bowl, we don’t want no stinking spinach!

Calm down, the spinach is needed to balance out the richness of all these ingredients. Besides, you really should sneak those greens in while you can, you have to work on Monday remember? Just one nod to health in between beers is all we’re asking. Do it for the ladies, they want you strong & healthy.

Now, the sausage in this sandwich isn’t just any regular sausage, it’s a rapini sausage.

Ach! More greens! Sorry.

Just try it, you’ll love it. But, just in case you don’t we have a few other flavours in our meat department, including sund-dried tomato & basil, honey garlic and chorizo. Sear the sausages in a pan and then finish in the oven, let cool and slice in half lenghtwise.

Lay the halved sausage on the spinach, top with the lid of garlic-scented, olive-studded, sriracha mayo-loaded ciabatta and wrap the sandwich in foil. Place in the oven for ten minutes to warm.

Serve with ice cold beer, you could go with something from Ontario like a Mill Street, Great Lakes or a Creemore. Or maybe, just maybe, this here sandwich calls for something else. 

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