The Pink Squirrel

Don’t you just love some of the names people have given to classic cocktails over the years? The Harvey Wallbanger, the Horse’s Neck with a Kick, the Salty Dog…Well, the best name we’ve ever come across was the Pink Squirrel, a drink made famous in popular culture by Bill Dauterive when he orders one after getting a job at a trendy hair salon on King of the Hill. Fran Drescher got tipsy on them in an episode of the Nanny and Roseanne’s pal Crystal named the Pink Squirrel her favourite drink.

It is actually impossible, illegal even, to order this drink in Ontario. That is because the main ingredient, the one that gives it a distinctive nutty taste, is Creme de Noyaux and it is not carried by the LCBO. Of course any inventive bartender could come up with a similar tasting drink, and that’s what is happening tonight in honour of Valentines’ Day at the Drake Hotel.

This is your chance to try a truly local Pink Squirrel, no Creme de Noyaux will be used as the Drake’s inventive cocktailiers put forth their unique take on this adorable little drink.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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