The Stop For Food Chef Challenge




Chefs Chris Brown & Bertrand Alepee at last year’s Chef Challenge

The Stop for Food Chef Challenge: Battle for Culinary Supremacy!

On Monday, February 28th, Queen West West destination Parts & Labour will serve as the backdrop for The Stop for Food Chef Challenge, an epic battle that will pit chefs Ted Corrado (C5), Luis Valenzuela (Torito Tapas Bar), Jesse Vallins (Trevor), Matty Matheson and Matt DeMille (Parts & Labour), Bertrand Alépée (Cross Town Kitchens) and The Stop’s own Chris Brown against each in a fight to the last bite.

Torito’s Chef Luis Valenzuela

Hosted by Kevin Brauch, and featuring esteemed judges Sasha Chapman, Ivy Knight, Malcolm Jolley, Karon Liu and two mystery judges, this thrilling Iron Chef-style competition is the big kick off to Stop for Food, a month-long, citywide culinary celebration.

For more information on the Chef Challenge and participating Stop for Food restaurants, visit

The Chef Challenge:

When: February 28, 2011, 6:30 pm

Where: Parts & Labour, 1566 Queen St. W.

Tickets: $25 (includes canapés). Buy tickets online here,, or contact Christina Palassio at or 416 652 7867 ext 250

All photos by Kayla Rocca

Esteemed Judge, GFR’s Malcolm Jolley

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