Sandwich of the Month – Chicken Salad in a Catcher’s Mitt

I invented this sandwich when I ran out of all bread products and needed a chicken salad sandwich desperately. I’d already made the chicken salad, I couldn’t eat it straight out of the bowl like some kind of caveman. I needed a bread product!

This is not a wrap senorita so put away those tortillas, this is a Catcher’s Mitt and the only way to make it is with naan.

Frantically searching the freezer I happened upon a package of naan, I snapped it open and threw the two pieces of oval bread in the toaster oven. I used store-bought but you could make this at home and grill it, if you don’t have a tandoori oven kicking around. There’s a great recipe here at No More Microwaves.

If you’re wondering about the chicken salad, make it however you like. In my over-opinionated opinion, a chicken salad should always contain a fruit, a nut, an herb, an acid, a member of the onion family and dijon and mayonnaise.

you’ll understand why this picture of Joe Dimaggio is here in a minute

For mine I always have some type of Waldorf-y fruit in there, whether it be sliced apple, grapes, dried cranberries or currants. Dill is my favourite herb in chicken salad and pecans are a favourite nut because you can break them up with your fingers, no need to chop. You can use red onion, chives or shallots, but I had scallions on hand so they went into the mix. Acid could be a shot of apple cider vinegar or  some lemon juice, but I went with a squeeze of tart grapefruit juice. Mix with dijon, mayo and salt & pepper to taste. Tada!

Once the naan was nice and toasty I cut each in half and mounded some salad on top, then my fingers just naturally folded the bread into a catcher’s mitt.

Serve with strong black coffee, DiMaggio would be proud.

Chicken Salad in a Catcher’s Mitt!

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