Spanish Rabbit Stew

For some reason this stew conjures springtime for me, it isn’t dark, heavy and thick, it is light and brothy. Perfect for a chilly evening but maybe not hearty enough for a freezing blizzard.

Rabbit isn’t available everywhere but we always try to have some at our meat counter. It is already cleaned, so all you have to do is season it and sear it. I’m not going to give you a recipe for this dish because it needs to be personal to you and your tastes. It is really just seared rabbit braised in a broth. The main components are rabbit, chicken stock, wine, bay leaves, mirepoix vegetables and most importantly, green olives.

Green olives make this dish, they really do. Jamie Oliver’s Spanish Rabbit Stew recipe doesn’t have olives, so it might have a soul but it doesn’t really have a heart. On Food & Wine’s site they have a recipe that uses Nicoise olives, rosemary and red wine, which is good but spring is coming baby, we want white wine!

So we’ll take the bits of each recipe that we like and use them for our creation. We’ll take Jamie’s suggestion and use an albarino wine in the stew and on the table.

Then with a nod to Food & Wine’s addition of rosemary to their stew we will serve this with an airy rosemary foccaccia.Spring is coming, if nothing else this stew will help it get here a little faster.

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