Sandwich of the Month – Baked Cheese & Roasted Peppers

Every month we create a new and exciting sandwich with ingredients we find in the store, like the February’s Sausage Ciabatta or October’s Tofurkey & Avocado. This month our sandwich inspiration started with an incredible cheese from the cheese counter, Le Fou du Roy. This is an organic farmstead cheese from Sainte-Sophie Quebec, semi-soft with a washed rind and a nutty flavour, it went perfectly with roasted peppers from our deli bar.

A lemon garlic aioli from the Private Stock Sauce Co. had the right tangy zing that regular old mayo couldn’t provide, add to that the fact that these aiolis are made in Ontario by Chef Robert McMillan using real ingredients and no preservatives.

Because spring is on the way, we wanted something fresh & green in this sandwich, organic pea shoots from Greenbelt Greenhouse in Stouffville worked perfectly. The only thing left was to find the right type of bread. Pita Break makes these multigrain pita buns that are nice and thin that worked really well.

Split the pita bun and toss it in the toaster, spread some lemon aioli on each side, add vibrant, crunchy pea shoots, a few slices of that beautiful Quebecois cheese and finish with roasted pepper strips.

Close up the sandwich, wrap it in foil and pop it in the oven at 400 for about 10 minutes. Baking allows the flavours to mingle with the melting cheese and, because we’re not making a grilled cheese, the bread isn’t going to get greasy on the outside.

Once the sandwich is out of the oven, slice in half and serve with a big dill pickle and super crunchy Terra Blue Potato Chips. Magnifique!

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