Community Calendar – Children’s Cooking Classes

Got kids that want to cook?  This is an excellent series for aspiring young chefs with a great line up of facilitators including Joshna Maharaj, Brad Long, Afrim Pristine, Jamie Kennedy & Mark Cutrara.  Sign up fast as there are only a few spots left!!

Growing Taste Buds
Saturdays 10am–12pm, 
8 sessions, weekly April 30–June 25

Cost: $160 for full 8-week session
. Register online here

“Best Potatoes Make the Best Fries”, a class with Chef Jamie Kennedy & his son Micah

Join our chef facilitators and special guests in a series of hands-on cooking workshops for kids ages 8–12. Kids will experiment in the kitchen, learn to cook and about the importance of making good food choices, all while having fun!

For program details, please contact Marina Queirolo at or at 416-596-1495 x231.
April 30th: Get to know you & the kitchen. 
Introduction to the kitchen space. Rules and procedures regarding safety, working environment and cleaning the space. Getting to know the utensils used throughout the workshops. How you setup your personal working area (mise en place).

May 7th: A family affair! Cook with Evergreen Brick Works in house chef & daughter
The family environment brings back the tradition around cooking, eating and the knowledge transferred from generation to generation when preparing a meal together.
Guest Chef: Brad Long & and daughter Grace

May 14th: Cooking 101 – Layering Flavours. What’s that?
Basic cooking techniques you will use over and over again.

let Afrim Pristine teach you how to love cheese

May 28th:  Goat, Sheep Cow. Are you a cheese lover?
Everything cheese. Learn how to make, eat & cook with cheese.
Guest Chef : Afrim Pristine, Cheese Keeper from the Cheese Boutique

June 4:  NO nuts, YES to seeds & grains
In an age of allergies we approach a new way to getting more nutrients in our body.

June 14th: Local expert! Best potatoes make best fries.
Conversation around local ingredients. Smart choices around your “fast” food vs comfort food.
Guest Chef:  Jamie Kennedy & son Micah Kennedy

June 18: Why green is good?
We will visit & shop at the Farmers’ market. Children will get to know the farmers. Purchase the seasonal vegetables.
Taste them raw and participate of the transformation as they cook it.

Do you want to be a butcher when you grow up?

June 25: Do you want to be a butcher?
Learn all about meats. Hands on butchering & meat cooking techniques, including smoking & curing.
Guest Chef: Mark Cutrara from Cowbell

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