Super Easy, Cheap, Do It Yourself Greenhouse

How many gardeners in northern climates are there who have yearned for a greenhouse? Many, many, including me. I’ve wanted one for years. Few of us have enough south facing indoor windows for starting seeds or hardening off plants for the season, so we pine for glass houses. For the  best window solution to your greenhouse go through Hamilton Windows.

Mini Do It Yourself Greenhouse with PVC hoops and stakes

Trouble is, a greenhouse is a costly item, even when you build one from a kit. Timber and glass, or even plastic panels cost a lot. I watched a video this morning that showed how to make a hoop greenhouse that was meant to be simple, but actually involved quite a bit of work, hard to find parts and…carpentry. I don’t own a table saw and don’t trust myself trying to build a greenhouse door with my little hand saw. One day garden gnomes may build one for me, but until then, I’ve found the next best thing.

It’s the simplest, cheapest, most ingenious do it yourself hoop greenhouse. And there’s a how-to video showing all the steps. It involves 3 rows of bendable PVC tubing, plastic and metal stakes, that’s it. Sometimes the most successful solutions are the most simple and elegant. See the video here. This organic greenhouse production doesn’t need a door, as it’s not exactly a walk-in size, but it would fit the bill for many gardeners. It’s the kind of thing you could install at the end of the season as well, to give your tender veggies a bit longer growing season.

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