Mother’s Day Brunch

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and that usually means brunch. Since Toronto is a brunch city we have no shortage of restaurants to take your mom out for eggs benny and mimosas.

My new column in the Toronto Star is all about this favourite weekend meal and might point you towards a few restaurants you may not have considered before. Feel like a casual hipster brunch, why not try Littlefish or Aunties & Uncles? If you’re feeling a bit more posh, Luma is a safe bet. Add some French flair at  Le Select, so many to choose from, just make sure you get your reservations in!

Most restaurants will take reservations for Mother’s Day to try and control the madness that always ensues on this lovely spring Sunday in May. A few brunch restaurants I haven’t tried yet but am looking forward to visiting soon are Frida Restaurant for their famous Heuvos Rancheros, Jamie Kennedy’s Gilead Cafe and the newly opened Fanny Chadwick’s. So many to choose from!

Of course, maybe you’d rather not fling your family to the raging hordes on Sunday morning. Maybe a nice brunch at home is better suited the mom in your life. To make your brunch stand out and keep the amount of work to a minimum, here are a few ideas that can make a DIY brunch stellar. I’ve written on this before here on the blog, give that post a lookover for hosting ideas as well.

Instead of smoked salmon why not try a totally sustainable fish? Kolapore Springs makes an apple cider smoked trout that will blow your mind. The trout are farmed naturally and sustainably in the Blue Mountains. Gravity fed water, natural feed and a controlled fish population keep this farm environmentally friendly, so much so that Kolapore Springs trout was featured at the 2010 David Suzuki Foundation Dinner.

For a quick and easy classic dip like hummus, try doing it with a twist. You can add roasted red peppers or chopped green olives to the mix when you’re making it or you can pick up a tub of Sundried Tomato Hummus from Woodbridge’s Summer Fresh. It’s tangy, delicious and contains no ingredients your mom or your grandma wouldn’t recognize.

Forgo the no-name brie and the bargain basement bleu and get a Canadian cheese with some serious cred behind it. La Sauvagine is a soft surface-ripened cheese from Quebec’s Alexis de Portneuf Fromagerie. This award winning cheesemaker also makes Le Cendrillon, an ash covered goat cheese that was hailed as the world’s best cheese in 2009, the same year that La Sauvagine was awarded the Prix du Public. We’re so lucky to have Quebecois cheesemakers right next door, take advantage of it every chance you get!

Finally, having champagne on hand is as de rigeur for a proper brunch as coffee and orange juice. You should also have a bottle of Grapefruit Perrier in the fridge to really impress your mom. Grapefruit Perrier is like crack for foodies, if you spy some on a shelf stock up as much as you can, it goes quickly.

Just in case converstion falters and your mom starts driving you crazy, have a distraction at the ready to smooth things over. Forget Boggle, cribbage or old photo albums – how about watching some videos online? I’m not talking about old Aerosmith videos on youtube, I’m talking about Mother’s Day videos. This is our second year for Apron Strings and we’re very excited to launch all the new videos of moms cooking for their families this Sunday. Stay tuned!

Have a Happy Mother’s Day!

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