City Wild: Evergreen Brick Works

The boardwalk takes the visitor for a view right over the pond and wetlands. Gaze long enough and you’ll spot a turtle.

The Evergreen Brick Works is a semi-wild destination in the middle of the city that serves as a nature preserve, environmental education centre and a farmer’s market. Tucked into the site of an historical brick factory and quarry, the Brick Works grounds and factory space has been reclaimed as a nature park and activity centre. It’s blossomed into a magnificent place to get away from it all, without having to travel out of town, or to a suburban regional park. The garden market offers native and heritage plants, with all proceeds going towards the Brick Works community environmental centre. On Saturdays the centre holds sustainable gardening workshops.

If you are merely yearning to leave the city behind and hear the soothing trill of a red winged blackbird, or have a leisurely walk on a wooded path it’s the place to go. The site’s wetland area and pond draws birds like a magnet. You can take your dog as well, there’s an off-leash dog area in a wooded corner, plus trails to walk with your doggie friends on-leash.

The location is 550 Bayview Avenue, and you can get there easily by TTC transit: take the subway to Broadview Station, then hop on the free shuttle bus. There is also parking space, for which they now charge a fee. Keep in mind the parking lot can get busy on Saturdays.
The Brick Works is open year round. Monday through Friday, 10am to 6:30 pm. Saturday 8 am-5pm and Sunday 10 am-5pm.

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