Give the Gift of Ontario

The coming months mean a lot of things for Canadians; barbecues, beaches, farmer’s markets and cottages. They also mean road trips. This is when we hop in the car, RV, train or bus to head out on the road to see friends and family or just to have an adventure away from home. Here in Ontario we’re bordered by Quebec, New York State and Manitoba. We can hop a lovely Porter flight from downtown Toronto to just about anywhere. For those of you hitting the road this summer may we suggest the perfect gift to bring along?

The Ontario Food Care Package!

You don’t need to know if Uncle John is an XXL or XXXL when scrabbling for Blue Jays t-shirts at the souvenir shop. Your nephew doesn’t need another felt pennant with a moose on it and your friends in the Finger Lakes aren’t dying for shot glasses emblazoned with a beaver holding a maple leaf. Give a gift that fits everyone and that shows off where you come from in a real way.

These are some of our favourite items to include in an Ontario Food Care Package:

Voisin’s Maple Syrup had its start in the 1920’s in Formosa, Ontario with 50 maple taps, they now tap 8,000. Not only do they sell maple syrup but they also offer maple sugar, maple butter and maple mustard.

Speaking of mustard, did you know that Canada grows over 90% of the world’s mustard? Ontario is proud to be the home to Kozlik’s, the greatest mustard on earth. Recently featured in Saveur magazine, even your American foodie friends will have heard of this incredible product.

Ontario is also home to some wonderful cheesemakers from Monforte Dairy to Fifth Town to Black River to, our favourite – Provincial Fine Foods’ Blue Haze. Originally made in Quebec, this blue is shipped to Ontario where it is cold smoked to produce something otherworldly. This is the cheese that will change your life and the lives of anyone who tastes it. It is our duty as citizens of Canada and Ontario to share this incredible cheese with the world!

You can’t have cheese without crackers and the best crackers we know of come from Dawn and Ed, the people behind Evelyn’s Crackers. Named for their daughter Evelyn, these crackers truly showcase what Ontario has to offer. Made with spelt, barley and Red Fife grains, they support farms in Innisfil, Kawartha Lakes, Madoc, Stratford and Aylmer.

Those are just a few items you can include in your care package, we haven’t even touched on Ontario peanuts, Pop Shoppe pops, all the great beers we brew and wines we craft. Please comment here and on facebook or tweet us your suggestions to make the perfect Ontario Food Care Package, we’d love to hear from you.

There is a huge bounty to draw from and if your car breaks down you’ve got a picnic in a pinch.

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