Be Edgy, With Strawberries

Strawberries growing at the edge of a front yard garden.

When thinking about what to plant along the edge of your garden, edibles might not be the first thing you think of, this post hopes to change your mind. Strawberries make a fantastic edging plant that works as an easy to reach summer treat. We usually want our edging plants to be low growing, with a spilly quality. Strawberries fit the bill, and there’s nothing like the taste of a sun warmed berry picked right off the vine.

Ripe strawberries are as ornamental as they are edible.

You can try:

Alpine strawberries: No runners, small, sweet fruit. Try growing in a container, but need to bring inside for winter in our climate. Everbearing throughout season.

Wild strawberries: Can use as ground cover, or grow between perennials. Many runners, will spread. Very small, intensely tasty fruit. One crop, in June.

Typical garden varieties. June bearing, have one large crop in June. Largest fruit size.

All strawberries have pretty white flowers and attractive leaves, there’s really no downside to these garden beauties.

Strawberries are terrific in containers, so lush spilling over the side.

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