Grow Potatoes in a Bag

Last summer at my community garden I grew potatoes in a couple of grocery bags and a plastic bin. It was an experiment, quick and dirty style. I used potatoes that had started sprouting eyes in the kitchen. They weren’t special seed potatoes, but I figured, what the heck, it’s worth a try. They did grow, and I did harvest potatoes, a small sweet bundle.

Potato plants thriving in a bag and a plastic tub on the patio.

This year my sister is growing fancy seed potatoes. She planted some in a huge plastic grow bag, and some in a huge bin from the hardware store. They are doing well in a sunny patch on her patio. The good thing about growing potatoes close to home is they are more convenient to water. My potatoes grew at my community garden, 15 minutes away, and I wasn’t there to water every day, and whatever mini droughts they suffered probably affected my harvest. Potatoes do need to be watered frequently. I guess all that water is what makes a bag of potatoes so darn heavy.

To grow in a bag, or large plastic container, first poke or cut holes in the bag or container you are using. Place a few inches of soil at the bottom, and place your potatoes on the soil. Cover with soil. When the plants poke through the surface, keep adding more soil as they grow. Tubers will form along the potato plant stem. Keep adding soil as potatoes grow. In traditional potato growing, this would be called “hilling the potatoes”. Make sure when you get to the top, that you leave a two inch space for easy watering.

A small crop of your own new potatoes freshly pulled from your garden is a lovely thing.


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