Troughs & Succulents For the Busy Person

Trough garden is happy in a sunny spot and requires little attention.

If you are the kind of person whose jam packed life makes it easy for you to forget to water an outdoor container, or you go away to a cottage on the weekends, this is the ideal garden planter for you. This little trough is filled with various succulent plants, sandy soil and gravel. The addition of the rockery plant, Blue Eyed Grass gives this planter an extra zing. A container like this can take your hottest, sunniest spot and won’t mind if you forget the watering can, or go away for the weekend. It will be there when you get back, perky as ever.

Shapes, textures and colours make up for lack of flowers in a succulent planter. Low maintenance is a plus too.

Fiesta has a variety of mixed succulent planters and troughs in stock now. Container gardening couldn’t be simpler with these luscious, drought tolerant beauties.

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