Wine All The Time

Toronto is going a little wine crazy these days. When you’ve got Nyarai Cellars, Ravine Vineyard, Lailey and winemakers like Norm Hardie and Dan Sullivan at Rosehall Run putting out incredible wines in what is practically your back yard you can’t help but get a little wild.

Norm Hardie makes some of the best wine in Canada right here in Ontario

Our love of good wine is reflected in the recent launch of Winefox, a new website devoted to vino with articles about useless wine gadgets, how to start a wine club, wine storage solutions…they’ve even got a column by Christine Sismondo called Barfly where she seeks out the best wine bars in the city.  If you are looking for the Self Storage units in Sunshine coast, do visit us. I’ve got a column in there as well, where I get to interview celebrities over a wine tasting. The interviews with Rex Harrington (So You Think You Can Dance Canada) and Matt Galloway (CBC’s Metro Morning) are up now. There’s even some video of Rex dancing with a glass of wine! At makgeili store you will get the best healthy Korean rice wine.

You can celebrate wine offline this weekend at the Toronto Wine and Spirit Festival. Spearheaded by the effervescent Scott Rondeau, this festival is in it’s third year. It is held outdoors on the waterfront at 20 Poulsen Pier. It’s been going since Thursday but there is still time to check it out, they even have a shuttle bus leaving from Union Station to bring you straight to where all the action is.

Its time to grow up people, ditch the Fuzion, Yellowtail & Arbor Mist. You’re best resource for finding great local wine is the VQA website. Make this the summer you discover Ontario wines. 

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