And The Winner Is…

this is sugar

After much deliberation about whose tale of culinary woe was more horrifying we’ve finally decided on…

Oh it was honestly too hard to choose only one, we have a tie!

That means that we will be awarding two gift certificates to the contributors who grossed us out the best.

this is salt

Congratulations to Andrea and Noelle. Andrea’s grandmother actually killed a flock of chickens with her dish! Noelle’s mom tried to feed the family raw chicken for dinner!

Blecch. The horror!

These women and the families they come from have suffered enough, now it is time to profit from their hardships. We are please to award both of our winners with a beautiful gold and diamond encrusted gift certificate to Fiesta Farms. Ladies, we will be in contact to coordinate getting your prize to you.

As for all of our other contributors, thank you for sharing your stories of baked in band-aids, mutant pizza dough and oven-roasted Tupperware. We hope that the act of writing about these atrocities has helped you to overcome your scorched tastebuds and get back in that kitchen.

Where the first thing you should do is to label the salt and sugar really really well.

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