When Life Hands You Avocados…

Make guacamole. And when you’re eaten your fill, make buttons. Heather Thorkelson does just that. A self-confessed maniac for the avocado, Heather has found an ingenious way to use up the mounds of pits that are left over after an avocado feast.

“I ate such a high volume of avocados that I just thought what a huge shame to be throwing all these pits into the compost.  So I started the month-long process of curing, cutting, sanding and sealing each pit I had leftover. Then they got popular enough that I needed to produce more”

Most of us with a moderately green thumb have had a go at trying to grow an avocado out of the pit, inspired by People Magazine cartoons and other dubious sources. Usually the pit ends up a cracked slimeball in a glass of brackish water, gets knocked over by the cat or ends up producing a scrawny plant that lives for a week before breaking your heart.

Heather, more ingenious and inventive, asked our produce guys at Fiesta Farms to donate any unsellable avocados and “ Thirty five avocados later and I have over 130 avocado buttons that knitters and other artisans can use for their projects.”

Heather now sells her stylish, unique and hipster-ready buttons on-line and at craft fairs.

Clearly there are more things to do with an avocado pit than try to grow another avocado. Congratulations Heather, this gets the Awesome Idea of the Month award.

If you have any sweet and clever earth-friendly ideas you’d like to share with us, please drop us a line in the comments section.


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