The frittata was invented for people who are intimidated by omelettes. It is essentially a baked omelette, a luxury vehicle to drive veggies into your breakfast reportoire. Forget bacon and eggs, try a frittata. It allows you much more creativity and in the end it’s better for you.

Start by sauteeing your vegetables, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, sweet peppers, swiss chard, mushrooms, whatever you like. You want to have the vegetables mostly cooked before you pour over the beaten egg. Take the pan off the heat, sprinkle in some crumbled cheese and a scattering of herbs and pop into a 400 oven for 15 minutes or until the centre is just set.

A two egg to four egg frittata is the easiest to deal with. The bigger you go the longer the cooking time and the longer it takes for the centre to set, resulting in brown, overcooked sides.

Despite the fact that you can find cooked frittatas in display cases at many cafes and coffee shops, re-heated frittata is usually terrible.

You may not know this if all you’ve had is a reheated rubbery wedge, just try a frittata from scratch at home and see the difference. It’s silky and rich, studded with a garden’s bounty. I don’t mean to harp on the veggies but you don’t need meat with every meal do you? Maybe you think you do or maybe you’re just used to the breakfast links, bacon and fried Spam.

Speaking of Spam, check out this article about the lovely Hormel corporation. Warning: It may turn you off factory processed pork products for life.

That may not be such a bad thing though. Just think about all those lovely frittatas you’ll get to enjoy.

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