Happy Canada Day 2011

Our spring and summer have started off chilly and wet but today we’ve got blue skies and shining sun. Time to get out into the beautiful day and celebrate living in the greatest country on earth.
Whether you’re camping at the Pinery, sailing down the Rideau Canal, hiking in the Green Belt, water-skiing at the cottage in Prince Edward County, or grilling grass fed steaks on a fire escape in Parkdale, we’ve got some tips for you to make this Canada Day the best you’ve ever had.

There is more to Canadian music than Arcade Fire, Avril Lavigne and Broken Social Scene. It’s time for you to blast some Canadiana that maybe isn’t getting so much play these days.

Honeymoon Suite, Zappacosta and Haywire are all amazing, often overlooked bands. The nostalgia and cheese factor will ultimately make them a hit with your guests. Go classic rock with Neil Young, the Band, Chillowack, BTO, or lighten things up with some Anne Murray and Joni Mitchell, get a little bit country with K.D. Lang and go hipster country with the Beauties.

Keep it simple. You don’t want to spend this glorious day off prepping in the kitchen. Buy good quality ingredients and turn on the grill.  Set up a burger bar and let everyone build their own perfect burger. A bunch of beef and veggie burgers with a buffet of toppings is the perfect meal on a day like today. Side it with fresh salads that are easy to whip up, coleslaw, green goddess, potato salad and you’re good to go. Steaks, shish kebabs, sausages, grilled Ontario asparagus. Put that grill to work today!


Beer is the traditional drink of Canada Day but that doesn’t have to mean Labatt’s and Keith’s are the only options. Fill your cooler with lots of Ontario beers like Mill Street, Creemore, Steam Whistle, Beau’s, Cameron’s and Duggan’s. Grab some VQA wines and Pop Shoppe pops. A truly Canadian drinking experience!

Finally, don’t worry about mismatched lawnchairs and plastic cutlery. This is a day for grass stains and paper napkins.

We don’t need to get fancy, we just need to get some sun.

Enjoy it while it’s here and Happy Canada Day everyone!

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