Frugal Spruce Up: Paint Your Garden Decor

“I’m not like all the other patio chairs..”

I don’t know if you drool (like I do) over all the new garden furniture that’s available now at fireside antiques. You can now have a second living room outdoors (if you can afford it), with comfy couches and chairs complete with thick upholstered pillows. But, hey, then next thing you need is a huge shed to put those oversized pillows in when it rains. I don’t have a shed. I don’t even have a place indoors to store monster pillows. I do have a couple of boring white plastic chairs though. They are also ancient, but I must admit, pretty comfortable with a pillow. That’s why I perked up when I saw this chair revitalized with cheerful red paint. Take a bad chair and make it better! And make it any colour you want. Look for paint that covers plastic, or epoxy paint for a project like this. Clean and sand first, then use a primer before you add the colour coat. Some instructions are here.

Another flourish with paint that caught my eye was this charming multi-coloured rock, presumably designed and painted by a little kid. The paint may eventually wash off if it’s water based, but I could imagine a whole garden dotted with these charming objects. It’s amazing how cheerful and fun a little paint can be. On a boring rainy day kids could have a ball making painted garden decorations out of rocks and sticks.

painted rock in the garden

A garden rock that got colourful. A fun project for kids in the garden.

I’ve been wanting to paint dead trees with latex paint lately. I was inspired by this artist who painted living trees with a non-toxic blue paint, The Blue Tree Project. I think it might be time get the brushes out.

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