For most of us, from carnivores to pescaterians to vegans, the potato is a constant presence in our kitchens. Peek in pantries the world over and you won’t be too hard pressed to locate a potato or two. From the chowders of North America’s East Coast to the samosas of India, from Icelandic potato flatbread to Korea’s gamja jorim, these beloved tubers can be found in cooking traditions all over the planet.
Show us your Spud Love and win a $50 gift certificate to Fiesta Farms.

Contest extended to January 31st, post your favourite potato photos or recipes on our Facebook page.

And the winners are:

Heather Rosen for her photos of Cheeky T the potato-loving parrot

Risa Alyson Strauss for her photo of the Lord of the Flies potato

Jane Orion Smith for her homage to her mother’s skillful way with spuds

Daphne Randall for her 2 recipes, Rosemary Tattooed Potatoes & Warm Curried Potato Salad

Thanks for the Spud Love everyone!

Please email ivy@fiestafarms.ca with your mailing address so we can send the gift certificates out to you.

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