Quench – Raspberry Lemonade

Lemonade is a summertime favourite and it never tastes better than when it is made with fresh squeezed lemons. We like to add fresh Ontario fruit to our lemonade as well. Raspberry is a favourite, but you can use strawberry, blueberry or cherry. Simply pour a handful of fresh raspberries into the bottom of a glass pitcher, pour a few teaspoons of sugar over them and mash them up. Then mix your favourite lemonade, as tart or as sweet as you want and add to the jug. Stir it up for a brilliant, refreshing pink drink!

You can easily turn this into a pitcher of cocktails by adding some gin or vodka. It would also work beautifully as the base for a white wine spritzer, just add your favourite chilled white wine and some club soda.

As if that isn’t enough, you can turn this recipe into dessert by making a raspberry lemonade granita. A chic, low fat dessert for your next dinner party. But what about a Raspberry Lemonade Pie? Seriously, check out this fun recipe by Kraft, perfect for a kid’s birthday party.

Who would’ve thought a pitcher of juice could be so versatile?

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