DIY Front Yard Food Containers

A DIY wooden shell disguises plastic growing bins in front yard vegetable garden.

No sun in your backyard? Grow tomatoes in the front yard instead. Front yard edibles is an idea that is catching on with urban gardeners, but can be tricky, if your soil isn’t ideal. You may have hard clay, sandy soil filled with tree roots, or maybe your front yard is paved like the one above. Containers come to the rescue.

You need big containers for tomatoes, and attractive ones can be expensive. Recycled or utility plastic bins work perfectly for growing, but aren’t always the prettiest to look at. Two gardeners in the city came up with creative, practical solutions for their front yard growing spaces, using recycled materials.

The garden in the picture at the top uses large plastic bins in a shade of blue that screams “Bluebox!” Not an ideal front yard esthetic. A wooden shell was built around the bins to hide the bright blue colour, and the visual problem was solved.

Upside down tomato planters

Heavy duty wood frame solves problem of how to hang upside down tomato planters.

The second garden is planted with upside down tomatoes grown in recycled food-grade bins held up on a rolling wooden frame. They can move it around to catch the sun wherever it is during the day. Unlike some upside down containers, these are open at the top as well, with additional plants growing out the top. The downside is these buckets would dry out faster, so you would have to be very diligent with the watering. Spray painting the bins with a neutral colour would improve the look of this system, but the tomatoes don’t seem to care.

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